Prototype - Pulsed Optical Frequency Counter

The pulsed optical frequency counter was born from two separate childhood electronic projects: A basic “lightwave” AM audio receiver, and a digital frequency counter.  Modern lighting, LED monitors, TVs, laptops etc. usually emit pulsed light.  This can cause eye fatigue and headaches for many people.  The OFC-1 was designed to help identify these problem light sources and accurately measure their pulse frequency.  The prototype PCB used large, thru-hole components to make tuning and optimizations easier.

Shortly after this prototype unit was completed, Safe Living Technologies acquired North American sales and distribution rights, and 9CI completed assembly of the first small production run with an optimized SMT design, low noise front end, and a top panel face lift.  (More details are in the Projects pages of this site.)

ofc proto 1

Prototype - Pulsed Light Generator

To test functionality of the OFC-1 units, a simple device was designed to emit visible or infra-red light across a wide frequency range.  This unit is now also being used as an educational tool.  At night, its infra-red output can be measured by the OFC-1 hundreds of meters away.


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