Battery Management Module (BMM)

This 28 cell Battery Management Module (BMM) was designed by 9CI for a customer.  The system provided the customer with the following specifications:

  • High precision cell level voltage measurement (1mV resolution, 0 to 4.5V/cell)
  • High precision cell temperature measurement (0.5 deg C resolution, -40 to 85C range)
  • 3 to 28 cell operation
  • Isolated communications to BCM
  • Ultra low quescent current (~0.015mA)

Generic Wireless Sensor Node

Self Confiuring Node

This board was designed as a wireless sensor development platform, pairing a low power wireless radio with an ultra-efficient power supply design.  Firmware was developed to actively sleep the entire system based on a variety of environmental parameters allowing the system to perform remote data collection and monitoring while using very little power (could be deployed for months while running on a coin cell battery). 

Modular UART/USB to Wireless Radio Board 

9CI designed this compact radio module for a Drone / UAS / UAV customer, providing them with a long range, highly robust radio link.  This module includes dual USB interfaces (configuration and data), a single UART interface (data), on-board mode selection switch (PCB bottom), and an on-board microcontroller that that provides auto-configuration/pairing of radios as well as dynamic transmit power management depending on link quality. 

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