18650 Test Board

18650 Test Stand

We have a variety of design tools that facilitate our own processes and those of our customers.  This 28 cell 18650 test board allows us to test battery management systems, power supply circuits (as both loads and chargers), and verify actual cell performance of current 18650 cells in both low voltage highly parallel configurations and high voltage configurations. 

Isolated Power and Communications Board

For industrial controls and transmission of data into high voltage or high noise systems, this board provides 8 isolated channels (4x transmit, 4x receive, 2.5kV isolation) with up to 1Mbps bandwidth per channel (faster options available). The board also provides isolated power (100mA, 5V) to the load.  Additionally, a 3.3V to 5V level shifter is included on-board, allowing use of 3.3V or 5V embedded systems. 

Fiber Optic to USB Adaptors

This USB adapter was designed by 9CI to provide a fiber optic data link to high voltage/high noise/high transient systems in order to interface them to USB devices (tablets, laptops) in a straightforward way.  The link provides up to 1Mbps data rate over a multi-meter run (up to 5 meters) with an extremely high degree of noise immunity and complete galvanic isolation.  This tool is very helpful when there is a need to interface and/or data log from devices such as motor controllers, power inverters, and high current switching supplies.


Miniature VHF FM Transmitter Module

This tiny low-power transmitter was built to fit inside a small space and transmit a very high quality, wide-band FM signal to a nearby receiver.  Although it’s original design was used in music recording, it continues to be useful in mechanical-acoustic testing.

X Band Horn Antennas

X-Band Horns
30MHz PA-19

Used for communication links in the 10 GHz band, these antennas provide 22 and 19 dBi of gain respectively, and operate across a wide frequency range with no mechanically sensitive radiating elements.  They are designed to be bolted directly to WR-90 waveguide.

30 MHz FM exciter and PA

Designed and built from scratch, this HF transmitter was made to operate in the 30 MHz range with a continuous power output of 15W.  All of the tuned circuits/coils were hand wound and optimized for gain and signal integrity.

Analog PS-16


24 & 48 Volt Analog DC Power Supplies

Recording studio equipment requires extremely low noise sources of power - especially for high quality microphone pre-amplifiers.  The components and layout of this power supply were designed to be especially quiet.

Data Signal Path Integrity

Critical signal paths are often compromised with poor layout and/or impedance matching.  This can result in unpredictable and unwanted behavior.  In this (before and after) I2C bus example, we ensure that data is as clean as possible.

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